How do we bring the ecotourism experience to a HubSpot CMS?

How do we bring the ecotourism experience to a HubSpot CMS?

Ranya Barakat

December 21, 2021

"Let's unite in harmony with nature" is the slogan of EcoCamp, the first geodesic dome hotel in the world, located in Chile.

EcoCamp's ecological excursions in Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia have offered tourists trekking, mountaineering, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, and skiing since 1990. More than 30,000 people have enjoyed unforgettable experiences thanks to activities like wildlife viewing and wine tours.

The challenge:

Having a website that evokes the sense of freedom and adventure offered by EcoCamp was no easy task, at least not for the EcoCamp marketing team.

"We lacked a website that reflected our essence and portrayed Patagonia's beauty. We wanted a website that offered excellent experiences rather than one that provided information." Virginia Jensen, Cascada, and EcoCamp Marketing Manager

The old website was outdated and unappealing; the user experience was inadequate; it wasn't responsive, and conversion flows weren't there. The company's IT team was concerned that making changes would be time-consuming and challenging to manage, given the country's vast size.

One of EcoCamp's challenges was to migrate from a proprietary CMS to one that permitted them to make changes without depending on any other departments.

The Solution

"We took a long look at who we are, what we intended to say, and who we wanted to collaborate with and created a better website," says Virginia.

To start, we constructed the customer avatar. Then, we conducted a workshop to build the before and after grid to identify our new website's target audience and the activities required to move our audience from an undesirable "Before" state to a desirable "After" state.

The client is dissatisfied in some manner in the "Before" state. For example, they may be in agony, bored, terrified, or frustrated for various causes.

In the "After" condition, life is better. They are free of suffering, amused, and unafraid of what previously terrified them. The result is a simple and attractive user experience enhanced by a limited color palette.

We began by examining the client's needs and those of the EcoCamp team. We then created a sitemap based on user demands and the EcoCamp team's input. Finally, we used Invision to design the templates, and the EcoCamp members provided comments there.

After the design was approved, we began building the modules and templates on HubSpot CMS.


The following steps were completed in coordination with the EcoCamp crew to ensure that each client received the same message structure based on the change they experienced when visiting their facilities and user better experience as a result of the following measures:

  • A responsive multi-lingual website that changes the layout and language according to the settings of the user's browser.
  • We are empowering the marketing team to launch pages more agilely.
  • We've upgraded the website and added new features, content, and functionality to appeal to and engage more interested travelers.
  • The new style and appearance make it easier to market luxury ecotourism more visually appealing, instructional, and user-friendly.
  • We migrated over 400 web pages.

The result:

Thanks to the CMS Hub-style new website, visitors to the EcoCamp website now have more personalized experiences. They may choose from various locations or activities and reach the sections of the site that are relevant to them in a matter of seconds. We used smart content to do this.

The colors, tones, and images are utilized to complement and embellish the user as they go through an experience that transports them into the world of ecotourism. 

Meanwhile, EcoCamp's marketing team may alter and modify as needed to improve navigation and information while replacing a static website with a dynamic one focused on conversion.

It's a much more versatile platform that may be updated on the fly with user-friendly modules that let you drag and drop functionality; data capture landing pages with forms, SMART content, calls to action, and multi-language material is just a few of its features.

Virginia is ecstatic about the drag-and-drop capabilities of her new CMS.

"It's much easier, and you feel more confident to work: not being inside a code sheet and seeing the modifications you make allows you to know whether you've made a mistake and can correct it," she explains about its usability.

It's critical to make these adjustments for the site to sell. So it's not just about putting up content; it's also vital to make regular and efficient modifications. As a result, it is essential to work quickly and securely and revert any mistakes without depending on third parties and add dynamic content.

Another advantage that the EcoCamp team benefited from was monitoring site performance on the same platform.

On a HubSpot CMS-hosted website, it's considerably easier to run an Inbound marketing campaign.

The impact:

The shift allowed the marketing team to think about approaches in a new light. As a result, the EcoCamp website is no longer a transaction but rather a referral site that directs visitors to Cascada's sales page:

Cascada's traffic comes from 2 primary sources: organic and through EcoCamp, the latter being the most relevant.

With this in mind, EcoCamp rebuilt its site, and the marketing team gained the flexibility and empowerment they needed after switching to a new platform with CRM Toolbox's help.

The HubSpot platform boosted EcoCamp's conversions and helped the Marketing team to continuously update the website and measure its performance without the need to get a web developer or IT team involved.

Have a similar need for your website? Let's talk and see if we can help.

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