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Maximize Your Team's Efficiency with Strategic ClickUp Consulting and Training Services!

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We understand your challenges in harnessing ClickUp's full potential to streamline operations and boost productivity. Our Strategic Services team offers consulting and training tailored to help enterprise clients excel using ClickUp.

What We Offer:

  • Strategic Consulting and Site Optimization: We guide new and existing clients through the intricacies of ClickUp, helping refine your site and optimize workflows for peak efficiency.

  • Workflow Creation and Development: Our services are designed to keep your operations agile and responsive, from setting up new workflows to refining existing ones.

  • Change Management and Best Practices: We ensure smooth transitions and continuous improvement, advising on best practices that keep your team at the forefront of industry standards.

  • Analytics and Documentation: Detailed analytics and comprehensive documentation support informed decision-making and facilitate continuous learning.
Are you facing any of these challenges?

You are frustrated that your team isn't using ClickUp to its full potential.

You are struggling to see a return on your investment from ClickUp

Your business needs to scale and optimize beyond your current ClickUp setup

You are feeling overwhelmed by the ClickUp learning curve due to its multitude of features.

You feel you could be extracting more value from ClickUp.



What do you get with Strategic Consulting

Service Structure

Our services typically span a year, with the option to renew, ensuring you have sustained support.

As an extension of your team, our consultants blend seamlessly with your staff, providing the expertise and support needed to manage complex ClickUp environments.

It is tailored specifically for customers on an Enterprise plan, ensuring a fit-for-purpose approach.


Daily Operations Support

Managing day-to-day operations can be complex. Our team handles permissions, user roles, and daily tech support, simplifying the management of large or intricate team structures.

We build, audit, and maintain crucial operational reports, views, and dashboards to keep your team informed and effective.


Training and Development

Our training programs are designed to quickly familiarize new team members with the material and enhance the capabilities of existing staff.

We offer specialized training sessions tailored to your workspace and operational needs, ensuring everyone is proficient with ClickUp's functionalities.


Keeping ClickUp Up-to-Date

As ClickUp evolves, our consultants update you with the latest features and integrations, ensuring your system grows with your business.

Post-integration, we provide ongoing training and support to ensure all team members are aligned and proficient in the latest functionalities.


Renewal and Ongoing Commitment

With a focus on demonstrating continual value, we collaborate closely with you to ensure our services meet your needs, facilitating renewal discussions and planning.

Even if a renewal isn't in your plans, we appreciate the partnership and guide utilizing self-serve resources or re-engaging with our strategic services in the future.


What they say about us

May 31, 2024

Professional and Friendly Team

Jorge is very detailed and knowledgeable about CRM. He always answered my questions promptly and never said no to a request. Jorge also went above and beyond to create custom videos for my team to understand how to use HubSpot. Highly recommend!

Services provided

Myers, N.51-200

May 31, 2024

Great onboarding!

Great! Straight forward onboarding, easy to work with and Ranya gave as a lot of useful tips! :)

Services provided

Blomgren, A.26-50

May 23, 2024

Great service!

Jorge was so helpful and made onboarding easy !

Services provided

Ressa, S.2-5

May 22, 2024

Very happy to have Avidly as a partner to support us!

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Avidly for over a year in my role as Digital Marketing Specialist at Devyser. The services provided by Anton Goosens, Kaius Aavavuo, Christoffer Vølund, Örjan Bergholm, and Riku Talvinen have been exceptional. They consistently go above and beyond in supporting our website development, maintenance, and CRM migration projects. The team's expertise is matched only by their unwavering dedication and friendly client interactions, making them an invaluable partner.

Services provided

Singh, R.51-200

May 22, 2024

Excellent, informative training session with Luis!

I learned so much from our onboarding session with Luis Salazar. Luis was patient, engaging, kind, and personable. I would highly recommend his training session to new HubSpot users!

Services provided

Adler, C.11-25

May 22, 2024

Superb Guidance by Luis Salazar

Working with Luis Salazar was a pleasure. He provided guidance that perfectly suited our team’s needs. Luis made complex ideas easy to understand and encouraged teamwork. With his help, we improved our HubSpot use and streamlined our processes. I highly recommend Luis for any HubSpot related issues.

Services provided

zaghloul, H.2-5

May 22, 2024

Luis has been the best!

Luis was instrumental in helping our team create a streamlined process tailored to our specific needs in HubSpot. In just 45 minutes, he efficiently answered all our questions. His positive attitude in addressing our numerous inquiries showed his genuine passion to help us learn. I highly recommend booking a session with Luis for any HubSpot needs.

Services provided

Al Marzooqi, T.11-25

May 22, 2024

Pleasure working with Luis Salazar

Luis delivered exceptional coaching tailored precisely to our team's needs. His ability to simplify complex concepts and foster collaboration was outstanding. Under his guidance, we made tangible improvements in our HubSpot utilization and streamlining processes. I highly recommend Luis for his expertise and dedication.

Services provided

Shah, Z.11-25

May 21, 2024

Extremely pleased working with Luis!!

Our team was very overwhelmed in learning the HubSpot platform, but Luis not only made the process approachable but fun! His personality and humor made each call fly by all while learning a handful of new functions, tips and tricks. We would work with Luis again in an heartbeat!

Services provided

Roe, E.11-25

May 21, 2024

Meet the objectives

Working with Izzy has been a pleasure. Izzy listens to what we want to achieve and charts the path to achieve it. Any questions or needs that arise along the way are reviewed and an appropriate solution is found. Until we are all happy with the result, the project is not finished. Thank you very much Izzy for your help!

Services provided

Ribera, L.1001-10000

May 08, 2024

The best of the best!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Javier, he is so knowledgeable and an amazing developer. The process was so smooth. I knew I was in the BEST hands from the kickoff meeting. His communication is top notch and his willingness to help goes above and beyond. He made sure the project was done 100% perfect. He set the right expectations and over-delivered in the overall experience. I would hire Avidly in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it! I'm delighted with my new website!!! It's always a dream to work with Javier as the project lead!!! thank you for the terrific job! :)

Services provided

Toro, A.2-5

May 07, 2024

Daniel is awesome

He has been tremendously helpful throughout the entire experience, displaying flexibility in finding solutions to overcome our obstacles. He provided my team and me with valuable tools and layouts that we intend to utilize in the future should any challenges arise.

Services provided

ElDemerdash, O.2-5

May 06, 2024

HubSpot onboarding with Luis Salazar!

Luis expertly guided us through the basics of HubSpot's sales and marketing tools and adeptly managed complex questions on leveraging HubSpot for various business objectives. His onboarding set us on a solid path with HubSpot!

Services provided

Kullberg, A.11-25

May 03, 2024

HubSpot onboarding with Jorge Nava!

Jorge was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I appreciate his patience seeing as I'm practically Amish when it comes to computers and technology.

Services provided

VanBuren, B.11-25

Apr 26, 2024

Excellent Onboarding and Instruction

Avidly was extremely helpful throughout our entire HubSpot onboarding process. We worked with Luis, and he was fantastic! We had already gotten into HubSpot, and were testing out features for a week or two by the time we started our onboarding. Despite this, he was extremely adaptable, switching around the planned topics for our meetings as we found new challenges or ideas. He was also very knowledgeable about HubSpot as a whole - I don't think there was any point where he didn't have an answer, or next step for a question we asked. Great experience, I highly recommend working with Luis.

Services provided

Essa, I.26-50

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How much does a ClickUp Strategic Consulting cost?

Pricing depends on which QuickStart onboarding package you choose. All three packages offer the same services; the only difference is whether you receive 20, 40, or 60 hours of onboarding.

Starting from


We have answers to your questions...

Training is essential for all team members who use ClickUp, tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities.

To ensure a high-quality learning experience and foster interaction, we limit training groups to a maximum of 8 participants per session, allowing for meaningful dialogue and personalized attention from the instructor.

We require between 2 and 3 hours per week from your team for live training sessions. Additional assignments will be provided to complement and reinforce the training content.

Our ClickUp onboarding service is adaptable to your needs.

If you require extended support and training beyond the initial setup, we can continue to provide our services for as long as necessary.

We aim to ensure your team is fully proficient and confident using ClickUp.

We are equipped to onboard your team to multiple ClickUp workspaces simultaneously, or we can stagger the rollout according to your business's needs.

This approach is planned from the beginning of the project, allowing us to align with your objectives and timeline effectively.

Let's make your work easier, more integrated, and significantly more productive with ClickUp.