Why Your Business Should Be Using Infographics

Why Your Business Should Be Using Infographics

Ranya Barakat

January 27, 2015

So let's start by asking ourselves what an infographic is? An Infographic is a method to present information, data, and statistics visually. They have been popular for several years and have become extremely popular recently as a safe search engine optimization method. because Infographics Enables Brands to Gain Traction and in-links 

There has been much buzz and talk over the last few years regarding Infographics. Almost every content manager will have either have used or is planning to use them in their content strategy. But the question is why? Why are creating infographics important? What are they useful for? What do you achieve when your business uses them? To answer this question, I will first start by defining what an infographic is.

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Google is working very hard to eliminate spammy link-building techniques and is rewarding sites with natural in-links. They are a great way to engage your website customers because they have high rates of social sharing. A well-structured and designed one is usually shared across various social media platforms and other websites. This is a form of link-building technique that Google is looking for.

Aside from the SEO benefits, they are also very effective at building brand awareness and delivering full messages to your website visitors. Today, a substantial portion of website viewers do not read through much information.

The reading trend has changed, and people now prefer short, quick, easy to access information. However, it is also a fact that most people grasp and understand information if it is displayed visually. I myself am a visual learner. This, therefore, means that they are a great visual method to engage with your website visitors, and in turn, will lead to higher ROI and conversion results.

Keys To Succesful Infographics

1. Keep it simple. When you are creating yours, make sure that it is visually appealing while keeping it simple. This is visual marketing at its best and a great opportunity to engage with your potential customer base. Do not impress your readers with over-the-top statistics and data because that can sometimes leave them feeling lost and confused.

2. Make it shareable: Remember that one of the objectives, other than to convey a message to your reader, is to encourage that it gets shared across social media platforms and other websites. This will not happen unless you make them easily shareable. You will be surprised how many out there I have seen do not have share options. Please, please, please remember this. It must be shareable. A good way to start what I like to call the share effect is once you have posted it on your website, start sharing it yourself across the different social media platforms that your business is using. Another option you have to encourage link building is to provide the HTML code so that other websites can post it with a link back to your website.

3. Little Text, Lot of Graphics: Remember I mentioned earlier that the trend with internet content now is that readers prefer short, simple, quick, easy-to-find content that is visual. Now is the time to apply that in your design. Ideally, what you want to achieve is that your reader understands the message you are delivering by glancing at the graphics. The graphics alone have to make sense and deliver your message fully. Easier said than done, but you will be amazed at the correct structure and display results. Great graphics = great results.

4. Creativity and Uniqueness: Just like everything else in your business, creativity, and uniqueness also applies here. If you go online and search, you will find hundreds if not thousands that all look the same. This is because they are created using ready-made templates. Although templates do make it easier for you, they completely limit the chances of yours standing out, no matter how unique the content is. It becomes just another infographic. Take the time, and invest in creating something unique and creative that is informative and visually appealing. That is the winning equation. If you manage to do that, I assure you that you will sit back and enjoy the number of shares and high engagement. On the other hand, you want to create an infographic that slaps your reader in the face, leaving them flabbergasted and thinking, wow, that was a good one. I must share.

So if you have not already been using infographics in your content strategy, it is time to start. If you have been using infographics, make sure you apply the above-mentioned to be happy with the results. Remember that the key to infographics is SEO purposes, engagement, high ROI, and conversion rates.

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I hope you find this information useful. Let me know by leaving a comment below. If you do find this article useful, you might also enjoy reading about the cost of customer acquisition. Feel free to download the ebook below that has beneficial information too. 

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