10 Best Tools to Enrich Your Databases in HubSpot

10 Best Tools to Enrich Your Databases in HubSpot

Ranya Barakat

March 22, 2022

Having the best CRM and the most up-to-date technology is just one step for your business to grow and reach the next level. It's actually the second step. The first is to have a reliable and updated database, as this is the fuel that feeds your CRM and your sales flow. A clean database is essential to fully benefit the potential of your customer relationship tool and, therefore, your customers and prospects. To achieve a clean and empowered base, you don't need a dedicated team 24/7. You need the right tools. 

A database containing thousands of contacts does not hold thousands of actual customers or prospects. It's like having a full closet but nothing you actually wear. Having an updated database should be a top priority, one that isn't guided by vanity metrics, such as the number of contacts or emails registered in your CRM. If they are not of good quality, they will only take up space without adding real value to your business.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a process that aims to add, enhance, improve, or refine raw data. Carrying it out constantly ensures that the information used by a business is the most up-to-date and truthful information available.

72% of organizations agree that data quality impacts a customer's trust and perception of the company.

Data cleansing removes unwanted data, and enrichment complements what’s already there. Working with these processes guarantees a better experience for your customers and, therefore, your sales team.

Furthermore, the information you receive from your customers can often be lacking. Data enrichment tools can boost your business, automatically adding information and giving you something substantial to work with. 

Most CRMs have their own native data enrichment tools, including HubSpot. While it improves your database, it’s not the only tool out there. Finding the one that’s right for your needs will ultimately benefit you. Here are 10 data enrichment tools we recommend:

1. Vainu

Vainu has native integrations in HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and Pipedrive, simplifying its implementation. It mainly keeps the information within your CRM about companies updated. The software includes millions of records on public and private companies, offering you a larger database. It also helps you identify companies that can become leads and allows your forms to be shorter and easier to fill out, making the journey for your prospects shorter and easier. Integrating Vainu with your HubSpot CRM will update the companies you have registered, giving you the best information possible.

2. Clearout Phone

A common headache that comes with using a CRM is how phone numbers aren't updated or the type of line you have in mind, leading companies to invest millions in SMS marketing campaigns that end up "reaching" landlines or making calls in the wrong language. Clearout Phone immediately validates the type of line, where it is registered, the company involved, and other vital data that will help you make the most of the phone numbers you've collected. This tool is ideal for large companies with clients from all over the world. It validates numbers in over 240 countries and integrates easily with HubSpot.

3. ZoomInfo

This data enrichment company uses artificial intelligence to search and update its database by analyzing more than 28 million public domains to cross-reference information from corporate sites, press releases, job offers, launches, and more. When a name is removed from a directory or an ad is made, the tool knows what this means to your contacts and automatically updates the information in your CRM. In addition, they have human resources that investigate and update data manually to correct the few errors that the algorithm may have made.

With this tool, your customer base is updated with additional information, and your contact forms become shorter, only asking prospects for essential details. ZoomInfo then completes this information, resulting in shorter cycles, better lead conversion, and a smoother experience.

4. Marom Robot

Even though this app is similar to processes found in other apps, including HubSpot itself, this tool is known for constantly processing data. While other options on the market enrich the data in real-time (meaning that if no data was available at the time of entering the contact, then the function ends), Marcom Robot constantly re-scans your entire database for new matches, so if a record from the past finds a new data point, it will be updated immediately. As a cherry on top, this tool has an email and phone account validator to keep your database as clean as possible.

5. Clearbit

Optimizing your prospects' experience and improving the efficiency of your sales team are two of the things that Clearbit offers. The platform has a detailed base of companies from over 250 data sources, creating a rich and well-nourished base. All Clearbit contacts go through a 4-stage verification process. First, they check if the record has been updated in the last 30 days. Then, a cross-reference is made between the different sources to see if they coincide. Next, they check for anomalies and why they've happened. Finally, the data is validated by a team of specialists.

6. Trifacta

Trifacta is special for being an open-source source that allows you to interact with any CRM, data lake, or software imaginable through APIs and SDKs, creating one of the most interesting alternatives in the market. This tool helps clean and prepare your database, making it easier to manipulate and model. It also deduplicates data, validates correctness, and performs transformations. It can automate your machine learning workflows so you can reach the true potential of your databases

7. Data Provider

Data Provider is just that, a data provider that uses a powerful algorithm to search the web for information points, cross-reference them, and filter them to give you structured visibility of the market. With half a billion domains and up to 200 filter variables, the Data Provider database remains current thanks to a constant updating process. Because they've been indexing data since 2012, they can offer great historical context that helps companies predict trends and understand where the market will move.

Its data management complies with all the security standards of the European Union, so you can rest assured that the data you will work with (and that you will connect to your databases) is well protected.

8. PipeCandy

Unlike other data enrichers, the intriguing thing about PipeCandy is its specialized approach to eCommerce. While the other data enrichment companies are generalists, this one focuses on eCommerce companies, offering added value for companies that sell to this gigantic niche. With 85% coverage in terms of eCommerce companies (more than 5.4 million eRetailers), this tool can provide accurate sales estimates made through a model of 23 main attributes.

9. Store Leads

Another data enrichment tool for companies looking to influence the market of eCommerce companies is Store Leads. With more than 10 million active stores hosted on 133 different platforms, this tool adds an average of 110,000 new active stores, generating leads that are always current and relevant to your business. Thanks to its easy integration with HubSpot, you get an extensive database that enriches the data in your CRM, providing a sense of depth to the information you use.

Its filters and segmentation can be as customizable as needed. Companies can be searched for by name, product vertical, estimated monthly sales, number of products available, number of employees, installed applications, and much more.

10. Demand Science

With over 70 million contacts, the Demand Science database is an ideal tool if you're looking for new customers or to enrich your existing customer data. With this extensive base, you can deepen your customer lists with over 300 data points that enhance and add value to your data.

Demand Science helps segment your database into four main pillars: Company Information (approximately 1 million registrations), Contact Information (60 million), and Technology Used (120 million downloads). Lastly is Purchase Intent, a pillar that's algorithm analyzes different behaviors and points of contact to qualify prospects, allowing you to contact them at the best time.

As you can see, there are different companies to enrich your CRM data, and many have similar functions. The decision of which one to choose will depend on the needs of your business. Any of the tools listed above provide a much more complete experience for your sales, marketing, and after-sales teams, an investment that quickly pays for itself.

In addition to enrichment, you must keep your base clean and up to date.

If you want to know how we can help you with custom-made solutions to serve your databases, schedule a call with me to understand your needs and find the option that best suits your company.

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